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While Owen D. Christensen, founder of Christensen Oil Company and Crest Distributing Inc., began his career in the petroleum business more than 50 years ago, Crest Distributing has been incorporated as an independent distributor for 40 years. Prior to 1973, Owen was a lubricants and fuel consignee for AMOCO Oil. Eventually, AMOCO Oil sold their bulk plant and a dozen retail outlets to Owen.

Through the years Christensen Oil Co. has adapted to changing market conditions and transitioned from a truckload case oil business to a commercial-industrial corporation. In recent years, Christensen Oil Co. has made real strides in the automotive installer segment. Oil filters, air filters, wiper blades, greases, and gear oils are also a major part of our business. Christensen Oil Co. currently distributes over 800,000 gallons of lubricants and 25 million gallons of fuel annually to our customers and retail outlets.